ergino - Digital Signage

Intelligent presentation and control of a diverse selection of digital images and messages

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The heart of ergino’s activities is to ensure that a wide variety of images reach the target groups effectively in a goal-oriented manner.

Digital signage refers to the digital presentation of images, information, advertisements or text with the aid of ergino flat screens, ergino projectors or ergino video walls.

Digital signage from ergino is the flexible marketing alternative to traditional posters and mechanical advertising systems in shops and outdoor advertising.

Fields of application for ergino digital signage solutions are, for example:

  • greeting displays in entrance areas
  • digital posters for use on the sales floor (in-store), inside buildings (in-house) or outdoors
  • electronic signs – from door plates, to floor plans to traffic signs
  • information systems within companies
  • mobile display systems for trade fairs or events
  • large screen projections


Appropriate messages for your target groups worldwide, right to the point and current

Digital signage represents appropriate target group management for worldwide advertising, to the point and in real time.

ergino image data management bases consistently on the latest Internet technology: Our global display management via the Internet forms the basis of the ergino system, which can be managed from anywhere in the world.

If the possibility exists to send individual messages and media to every point of interest, ergino digital signage is spot-on with their central management system.

With ergino image data management, you are not only able to control all connected monitors from a central point! You can also control individual sections on monitors.

ergino image data management means precise worldwide communication.


Get attention through people, images and happenings

ergino image data management enables you to embellish your advertising or image message with attention-grabbing images and stories about people, for people. This sets you fundamentally apart from run-of-the-mill product placement.

ergino image data management catches the attention of people through personal experiences at the point of interest.

Cost reduction due to the latest hardware and software

Through the use of the latest hardware and software, you invest in display systems with low running costs, and which can be used for many years.

Changes to media formats that usually result in additional costs in the area of classical printing, fall away in the case of ergino digital signage technology.

With ergino image data management, you can integrate already existing screens quickly and easily. In this way, ergino image data management reduces your investment cost for digital signage technology.